are you still in there, lightning?


The time she spoke without permission…

"We’re not cowards who’re gonna take it lying down either. We’re Fairy Tail!"

Goddess Madoka and Demon Homura


Norwegian forest cat chasing a fox


I know a lot about Kingdom Hearts! For example

  • Riku is sora’s nobody
  • saix is the one who always says “got it memorized”
  • kairi is the keyblade master
  • sora was chosen to be a prince
  • mickey is dead
  • axel’s real name is ela
  •  xion shared the paopu fruit with goofy
  • namine was isa’s best friend

it should be said that the kid on the right is blind.

that makes this even sweeter right? ikr.

(p.s. watch the whole short film here because its adorable)